The Institute of Applied Siddha Science is a Traditional Siddha Research and Development Centre undertaken by Council for Applied Siddha, the non-profit organization founded for Siddha Practitioners around the world. Siddha Institute formed for represents and supports the Traditional Siddha Practitioners on key issues including education, training, career, research and clinical standards. Our aim is to foster Siddha Vaidyam by bringing together the ancient secrets from palm leaf manuscript with the help of knowledgeable and honest Traditional Siddha Physicians.


Today there are recognized Siddha Medical Colleges, run under the government universities where Siddha medicine is taught. Unfortunately university teachings have lost the sacredness that was conceived the Siddhars by modern education systems by dilution, flexibility and ignorance. Till very recent times Siddha medicine was taught in a Gurukula system, from master to disciples, at the masters residence or clinic and took many years of dedicated practice to be able to practice alone. Most of the authentic manuscripts are still held by many families and are not available to the general public. Those manuscripts that has been donated has been misinterpreted and misrepresented many times causing many difficulties to the student, practitioner and the patient.

Universities are running the course with average syllabus compare to the knowledge of traditional Vaidyas. In Siddha Vaidyam there are many toxic drugs and heavy metals are using for manufacture bhasmas and chindooras. Lake of proper purification will cause major draw-backs in health. Traditional Siddha Physicians are doing effective purification process. But they hide it as traditional secret and transfer only to the next generation. Due to the above circumsatances Council for Applied Siddha decided to start a Traditional Training Gurukulam by the support of Deva Vidya Siddha Gurukulam. The Chief of Deva Vidya, Sri. Prem Nath hails from a leading Traditional Siddhavaidya Family.

Prem Nath belongs to an ancient traditional Siddha physician family dating around 600 years back in Kerala, India. He started learning Siddha Science since childhood under the guidance of his grandfather. Since his tender ages, Prem Nath found himself spending a good amount of his time with his ancestors, making medicines and treating patients.

Now Prem Nath is one of the youngest Siddha Vaidyam practitioners in Kerala. Prem Nath has devoted a good fortune of his time to marma treatments, Kayakalpa treatments and Pancha Prana Shuddhi techniques as well as provides consultation to patients in his clinic in Trivandrum, Kerala. He specializes in Kayakalpa Treatments.

Prem Nath hails from a traditional Siddha family dating back to pre-british era in India. His family migrated to Kerala from Pandi Kingdom of Tamil Nadu on the request of the king Cheraman Perumal to provide Varmam training to his military as well as to serve as Siddha physicians in the court.

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Council for Applied Siddha (CAS) understands the importance of staying up-to-date on Siddha medical industry standards and practices, and trying on a best effort basis to ensure that all empanelled medical practitioners adhere to the same.   A Siddha Medical Practitioner will be assessed every year to maintain the quality benchmark.  More >>

AMIS Fellowship

The AMIS Qualification is an integrated training and assessment system run by the Council for Applied Siddha Practitioners. It aims to demonstrate excellence in the provision of Siddha Practice. While the AMIS was originally an optional qualification, it has more recently become mandatory for newly qualifying Siddha Physicians. More >>

Professional Developments

The Council for Applied Siddha (CAS) runs a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits scheme that offers Siddha Practitioners a flexible learning framework in which to produce a portfolio of work that supports the Revalidation process. Key elements of the Council's work in this field include developing a quality assured appraisal system and an ePortfolio that logs evidence of Siddha Practitioner’s learning. More >>


The Council for Applied Siddha provides over 10 academic and monetary awards for people at different stages of their career. More >>

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